The Problem

Ever had friends over for dinner and noticed you had to raise your voice to be heard clearly?

Remember that restaurant where the food was great! But you had to shout to place your order with the waiter?

Been working from home more and struggle to concentrate due to noise at home?

These are all scenarios we are familiar with and occur when a room or an area is made up of too many hard surfaces such as painted walls, work surfaces, tiled or wooden floors, and painted ceilings etc. Sound Reverberates from these surfaces resulting in a Poor Acoustic Environment.

The Solution

You don’t have to put up with this problem any longer. With our extensive product knowledge, network of manufacturers and suppliers, and in-house expertise we can help by finding the best solution for you and and work together to deliver this on time and on budget.

Reducing the Noise Reverberation in any space will improve the Acoustic Comfort of the homeowner, office worker, customer or client, and is something that you should look to invest in now.

Please get in touch with any questions or project enquiries.

Some of the brands we work with

Allied Interiors (Scotland) are a highly professional and customer focused suspended ceiling contractor operating from our base in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire.

We aim to cover the whole of central Scotland and are happy to look at projects beyond this geographical scope if invited to do so. 

Useful Info

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